Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April Showers bring... Babies and Weddings!!

How is April almost over? I swear it was just last week when I blogged...right?? Where has the time gone? Oh wait... I know...
Showers! Parties! And MORE Showers!!!
My Fridge is running out of invitation room!!
First Weekend: Easter with the Dixon family.
Second Weekend: Jon's Birthday
Second Weekend: Kelli's Baby Shower for little Aiden

Third Weekend: Holly Jo & Michael's Stock the Bar Wedding Shower
Third Weekend: Holly Jo's Family Shower
Oh and don't you worry... the month's not over yet! One more weekend! That mean's I have another wedding shower! Plus we have a family gathering, which makes for a second wedding shower PLUS a baby shower I, sadly, won't be able to attend! 

I'll have a shot breather at the beginning of May before I have four BUSY weekends: Bachelorette in Nashville, bachelorette in Chicago, wedding in Lexington, wedding in Louisville! Let the fun commence!!

Lots of love to all my friends during this happy, wonderful time in their lives! God is good!