Sugar Dump Week 1: 9g/day... Fail?: Results of my first week of cutting out refined sugar.
A Sweet Farewell: The decision to give up refined sugars for lent
Confession: I Have the World's Biggest Sweet Tooth: Facts and science are proving what I already know: I need to cut back my refined sugar intake...big time!
After 3 Years... I finally said, "I Do!": Choosing to share the importance of fruits and veggies and Juice Plus+
A Cart Full of Junk: What really bothers me about "bad" food at the grocery
Where's our microwave?... In the attic...: Why we chose to forgo the microwave and why it really isn't hard to do.
Food for Thought... (No really...some thoughts on my food...): How healthy food and eating is not a hard part of our lifestyle...and it does not have to be for anyone.
Field to Fork on the Blue Bank Farm: Video montage of the efforts that bring forth our glorious garden...which allow us to enjoy organic home-grown food in the middle of winter.

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