Home Building

During Building...
Lists: Dot Firsts | Home Building | Prayers (2014): Home building things that are exciting and scary.
To Contract or Not to Contract...(2014): Deciding to hire a general contractor against contracting ourselves.

Before Building...
Oh and About that House Building Project... (2013): Notes on things we've learned recently regarding: contractors, quotes, loan meetings, surveying the land, electric, septic, etc.

It Figures...: Complexities of designing a house
Thoughts on an Island: Debating ideas for a kitchen island and other must-haves in our house.
Pinterest Finds of the Week: House Design Ideas
Friday Date Night at... Lowes? Research and discoveries by a research-only trip to Lowes
Homearama Fun on a Rainy Day: Touring new homes for inspiration.
The Big Building Project Begins... sort of...: Starting the plan and determining the design must-haves.
Look Both Ways: Buying our wood stove and utilizing Pinterest.

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