Friday, September 14, 2012

It figures........

Just when I was feeling confident and extra excited that we had nailed down our house plan... I go and do something silly like think of a completely new design to just "try out"... You know, just do a little doodle sketch. But I liked the doodle so it became a big sketch... And now I'm starting to worry I actually like this design too. The problem is... I still like my original design!

I believe the hardest part about this whole process is going to be me making decisions and sticking with it. but what makes that all the worse is only being able to ENVISION what my decision will appear like and not actually get to SEE my options. Which house design that I've sketched do I like better? Well, I might actually be able to tell you if I could walk through them both right now--but that's not quite feasible. 

I realize it's going to be like this through every single step. My brother and his wife have recently redone their basement. (And by 'redone' I actually mean, they finished what was not a finished basement when they bought it.) It looks fabulous with the walls painted. baseboards in and flooring done. M is now choosing her cabinet colors and counter tops and had about five options of sample pieces downstairs today while I stayed over during my night in the 'Ville. Even with her narrowed down options it is hard! How are you supposed to know what it will really look like once life-size?

And just imagine what lies ahead for Mingus and I... What kind of floor? Wood? Okay, dark or light wood? How wide will the panel strips be? Which rooms? The kitchen? Okay... then what kind of cabinets? counter top? Colors? UGH! What if I get so excited and pick a hodge-podge of things to try that nothing in my house seems to flow?!

I suppose I already know that all I can do is ask all of the right questions, take advice from the best and most trusted and go with our best. For now I'll go ahead and draw up this other layout sketch. It can't hurt... right?

In the mean time, here is something I know we will do: stained concrete in the mudroom!

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