Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sports Talk: Volley for a Cure

As a correspondent sports writer for The Casey County News, I write an weekly editorial column for the publication. Published Sept. 26, 2012. 
Although I am far past my high school years and even college parties and pep rallies, I am the first among my friends to find any excuse to dress up. No, I do not mean dress up in nice clothes. I am talking dress-up in a theme of colors and ridiculous accessories.
So seeing all of the pink at the VolleyRebs’ Volley for a Cure event made me smile. I have no doubt that had I not been coming straight from my job in Louisville I would have used the excuse to wear pink tube socks, pink sunglasses, a crazy hair-do and maybe even some beads and flowers.
But beneath all of the pink of Volley for a Cure is a very serious and very sensitive message and issue: cancer.
I am happy to see the volleyball team rally around a battle our entire race is fighting. The longer we are on this earth, the more we are affected by this curse. Sometimes it is very close to home and sometimes it is a degree of separation away but, it is never welcome and rarely foreseen.
Hats off to all of those who wore their pink and cheered on our VolleyRebs last Thursday, but I pose a bigger challenge to all of you, as well as those who did not attend. My challenge consists of two things.
First, ask yourself what you can do to better your odds of falling prey to cancer. It may be working to end a habit like tanning or smoking, that is known to lead to cancer, or simply adjusting to healthier eating habits.
Believe me. It’s not that every individual diagnosed with a form of cancer knows how it originated, but there is peace of mind in knowing you did your best to take care of yourself. Remember, your life holds meaning to many others, and they do not want to lose you any sooner than necessary.
Second, be empathetic to those battling through the fight. It’s amazing what kind words, cards, notes, special prayers and thoughtful gifts do to lift the spirit of someone facing such a mental, physical and emotional struggle. Sometimes hearing from those you hardly know holds extra meaning. Trust me, you’re never too far removed to offer support.
Sport your pink every day in spirit. Cancer is an ongoing battle and there are plenty out there who are in need of the support daily.

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