Monday, July 30, 2012

Friday night date night at..... Lowes?

Nothing says romance like a trip to Lowes, right??

Okay, that may have a pinch of sarcasm but in all honesty, this was mine and Mingus's Friday night fun--by choice--about a month ago.

After four straight weekends of me being out of town and the two of us being on the road for weddings, we were excited to have a weekend all to ourselves at home. It was around this time that we began to more realistically look at our house building project since we were into June and our savings was going according to plan.

With nothing on the agenda for the weekend, what did we decide to do on Friday night? Grab our planning book and head to Lowes--no buying allowing, just idea generating. I know that appliances come last in the house, but the fact there are several items we will have to purchase, we decided we should see what type of cost that might add up to and what sort of options we had.

We made a list that included all kitchen and bathroom appliances, counters, cupboards, flooring and more. We started at one end and slowly moved our way through.

What I enjoyed most: Seeing the kitchen setups and laylouts. It's much more fun to see everything together rather than individual pieces scattered through out. It also gave me an idea of what i did and didn't like about certain layouts, islands, etc.

What I learned: Too many options! It's so easy to forget how many pieces there are to this. We see a finished bathroom but never consider all the pieces that were decided upon for that bathroom. Think about it:
  • Tub or shower?
  • shower/tub wall type
  • shower head
  • Sink size
  • Sink color and materials
  • sink facet heads
  • flooring material and color
  • counter top material and size
  • cabinetry
  • Ceiling light? Fan? Heat lamp?
  • Vanity light and mirror
  • Toilet
What I took advantage of: All of the freebie fliers and booklets! I snatched them all and will now go through them page by page and cut out the pretty pictures and ideas I like and add them to our book! 

My Mingus feeling out the kitchen...:)

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