Friday, June 8, 2007

...More Set Backs...

I know, I know...Still no blog updates... someone does not want my Roman adventures to be told for whatever reason! Anyway, I arrived home late Wednesday night and instead of being able to go straight from the airport to Bellarmine where I was already late for beginning my Governor's Scholars job, I had to go home to get my car first. Due to wanting to talk all too much about my trip to the family, I ended up sleeping at the house that night and waking up super early to drive back to Louisville to be on campus by 8 a.m. on Thursday morning. Needless to say, having to go straight to work with jet lag has been more than exhausting and I am still trying to adjust back to this world. To add to my delay in blogging, I finally hooked up my laptop last night to be able to use in my room only to find out something has gone haywire with my hard drive and it won't come on! Yikes! I am just grateful it is happening now and now during the school year when my life depends on my laptop. ("Sweet Cheeks McGee" for those who don't know him by name.--I do a lot of naming of inatimate objects when I become really attached to them. My camera rightfully earned a name this year, "Arthur Garfunkel." And of course I had to give my suitcase a name by the end of this trip, considering the companion he has been to me... so he has become "Tat the Traveler." I will explain the name Tat eventually.) But I plan to have blogs posted about Rome by the end of the weekend, and of course Paris will follow!

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