Friday, April 17, 2009

Building The Hype

I've always said that the anticipation of an event is half of what makes the event a success. If you can build hype for something, it's going to be a success. So much of life is mental: get your head in the game and you're ready for anything. We've all heard it, but the cliche speaks truth: attitudes are contagious. That's why I love getting pumped up about any big event/shindig I'm involved in. Spread that enthusiasm and by the time the event arrives, there is such excitement that it doesn't matter how things pan out, the combined enthusiasm of everyone there makes it memorable either way.

But you have to be creative in building the hype. You've got to talk--that's a given. You have to get people involved so the word can spread. ("Did you hear that 'Gress' is going to be there!?") You share pictures and videos to bring back the memories of past experiences that were equally memorable. Then you give it it's own flare. For our first Glory Hole Party we gave out giant pixie stix. At Christmas Micah brought a signature drink and we had Lemon Crush play live music. For track conference parties we always set a dress theme and posted the challenge of coming even though we never returned from meets until past 1 a.m. (and you had to stay up til sunrise). For Gress's going away party we got tshirts.
At New Year's we had a new bar installed at the location of the gathering. St. Patrick's Day we made tshirts to wear out.

This weekend, instead of attending Thunder Over Louisville events downtown we (as in Dani and myself) have collaborated with The Man Clan to plan festivities of our own at our houses. (Which is quite convenient when we live directly across from each other.) With teams of two (one guy, one girl) we'll have eight events throughout the day to determine an overall champion. As usual, I created a Facebook event to help spread the word to all of the right people. This is definitely the first time, though, that so much hype has built through the use of FB. By allowing the Man Clan to become administrators to the event the competitive fire is already being fueled. It began with Jaso adding to the event description, "Jaso Rules!!!" only to have Steve change it to "Jaso<===GAY!" shortly thereafter. Ben jumped in on the trash talk soon thereafter and Jaso stepped it up a notch by changing the event picture to his own piece of art he created. (A picture of Steve that he'd added his own personal touch to.) The competition for the best event photo only fueled the fire more. Given, one of these guys is likely to be my partner, I couldn't help but get into the fun with them.

Now it's the day before our inaugural "Drunk Funk Thunder Games" and with the weather as beautiful as it is, I can hardly focus on anything but all that is upon my friends and I. Tonight we will shop for needed supplies and iron out the final details. For awhile we were worried about who would or would not end up showing for the event, but at this point, with the anticipation built as it is, tomorrow is bound to be a success even if it is no one but the Man Clan, Dani and me.

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