Monday, December 14, 2009

Never Losing Sight of the Dream

It was about four months ago when Todd (my boss) mentioned to me that his company would be celebrating it’s ten year anniversary this year. I remember quickly running the math in my head and noting that would have made him about 24 when he started his company. Wow, that means he was shortly out of school. It also immediately hit me that it really was no surprise. After having worked with Todd for about six months I knew what a passion he had for business and a genuine love for running with challenges. Setting up his own company right out of college seemed only natural for a guy of his character.

Me, on the other hand… I did not expect to find myself setting up my own company at age 24.

I’ll keep the story short, as it’s not what I really came here to write. As many know, since last winter I have been producing a web video show for Bellarmine University,
The College Buzz. After producing four shows for Bellarmine last Spring they budgeted for the upcoming school year and got funding for two shows a month. When I told Rob the good news he suggested that I set up my own company so I could skip the extra step of running financials through his company.

I told my parents and also told them I’d probably have to choose a new name and leave my childhood business name, “RitArt” behind. Pretty crazy, though, how the things you imagine as a kid can become a reality. There is a cardboard sign I still have hanging on the wall of my bedroom at my parent's house with my original “RitArt” logo that I made when I was probably about 10 years old.

The most difficult step for setting up this new company (for me) was choosing a name. Now, Rob had told me “this isn’t that big of a deal”, but he doesn’t know my family and that I name inanimate objects down to my cameras and cell phones. I inquired some ideas from my brothers and both had some clever suggestions and I almost settled on one of my own until Pa threw out one with “Knob End” included.

For those unaware, Knob End Meadow is the field located on the deepest point of the Valley. For a number of years I have had thoughts of one day having my own home on this territory.

Amid my pondering for a name I thought about the series of events that had led to the need for one at all. Then I thought about the series of events to follow. I have never known exactly what I wanted to do with my life as far as a career is concerned. The only thing I have always been certain of about my future is that I want to raise a family in The Valley. To live the simple and good life. Since graduating from Bellarmine, as great as life is, there are times when I have felt a little lost; a little helpless. I have often wondered how I am moving towards that goal in any way. But each day I say a small prayer asking that God guide me in every tiny decision I make so that they are the right, best decisions to lead me to where He wants and needs me to be.

Part of my dream of living in the Valley includes the hope of working from my own front porch. Here I am, a year and a half out of college, and all the work I have done during this time is setting me on a path to run my own business from anywhere I wish.

At the same time I am beginning to better understand the craziness of the career world and how easily it sucks us in with expectations and responsibilities. I never want to get so caught up that I lose sight of the thing I’ve always wanted in my life; the place I want to end up. Naming my own company after that very place is to be a constant reminder of why I am doing all the work I am doing from day to day; a reminder of the stepping stones God places for us that will lead us to where He intends for us to inevitably end up.

With a lot of questions about my life constantly circling my mind, I remind myself of the many things I have that so many do not. I know what I want and I know it from deep within; therefore I know that desire comes from somewhere beyond myself. Also I know that because I look and ask for it on a daily basis, God is helping me fulfill that desire. As long as I have that, I know I will get there and that every day is a step of progress.

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Rachmo said...

I love ya Peat!! You will be successful in whatever you do. You are great at what you do and I know that wherever and whenever you start your own business, it will flourish!!