Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lost and Found

So I already did something stupid. Imagine that.

I lost a wad of cash.

We all exchanged some currency before leaving Houston, just to have when entering Brazil. I broke mine up, sticking it in different parts of my wallet, but just for safe measure I stuck some in my undies as well--just in case I were to lose all of my bags, I'd have some money on me still. Unfortunately, that wad was not too cozy poking into my side while trying to sleep on the ten hour flight where I was stuck in the VERY middle of the plane where I didn't stand up once. I remember mid my attempts to sleep I moved that wad around so it'd stop jabbing me. Problem was, I forgot all about it when we got off the plane; until we were in line to go through
customs. money in the undies. Just my luck. They let me go back on the plane and look for it, but no doubt someone had already snatched it.

We all know I'm pretty tight with money, but I immediately chalked the loss up to just being another travel expense. No need to get bent out of shape. Losing a bag or losing my passport could have been much worse. (In fact, when I went back on the plane to look for the money there was an Italian girl looking for some paper she needed in order to get back in the U.S. later. I decided if one of the two of us was going to find what we were looking for, I hoped it was her.)

Besides, once we had our bags and were "okayed" to enter the country, who was waiting right outside in his blue Kentucky t-shirt? Mr. Gui Buso and his lovely lady Carla found us right away before we had even a moment to be confused. Melody and I also spotted a rainbow upon exiting the plane. That has to be a good sign, right?


Rachmo said...

Oh Rita...ha ha....what are we going to do with you??!! Glad you were ok. You know what I would have been doing in that situation...absolutely freaking out and I would have let it ruin my day!!

RitaPeat said...

Gohmann (Jon's roomie)...his girlfriend is in Italy and lost her purse--money, cards, passport, ids--I was the lucky one!