Saturday, February 18, 2012

A birdseye view of Valentine's Day

Jon and I kind of let Valentine's day just arrive this year with neither of us thinking too much about it. That's sort of just the way we work. Not to sound "above" it, but in general we don't acknowledge holidays and such in big sorts of ways. Birthdays are definitely acknowledged, usually with a gift. Christmas the same. I'm sure we'll make a point to doing special things for our anniversary. We have never really acknowledge the anniversary of when we first began dating (maybe because neither of us knew when that would technically be). And Valentine's Day has never been a big ordeal. 

I attribute that to the fact Jon goes out of his way regularly to do things to make me feel and never doubt his love. He'll stop on his way home from work to bring me a peppermint mocha latte--not because I've asked. He'll do the dishes for me after dinner without a prompt. He'll help me clean (so that I can go on walks with him later.) He'll send me a picture of a flower or something pretty when he sees it and thinks of me. He'll tell me I'm beautiful when he sees me in the kitchen with my hair pulled back and my apron in action. He'll heat up the bathroom for me when he knows I'll be showering soon. 

I kind of wrote Valentine's Day off this year since I've come to see everyday as a day to celebrate our love, but Facebook made me change my mind. Jon and I still kept it simple. I found post it notes hidden in different corners of the house throughout the day while working from home with special messages from Jon. What I loved about Facebook, though, was the continuous posts through the day of the sweet acts of love happening around the globe. 

Pictures on end of beautiful surprise flowers. Exciting posts of a surprise dinner out. Champagne after night class. A new puppy, tickets, cute cards... A talk on the phone with a deployed loved one.  A home cooked dinner. Valentine's from the kids at school.

We call it all "cheesey" and maybe we do love each other all year round and maybe we do little things all year round to show that love. But Valentine's Day gives us that one day of the year to be as proud of our love and cheesey about it as we please with no shame.  A day when people everywhere are going out of their way to make someone else feel special.

A Hallmark holiday? Maybe, but this Valentine's Day I didn't just get to enjoy my husband's love... Facebook may clue me in on more drama and ridiculousness than I care to know about on most days, but on Feb. 14 it allowed me to see the love so many others share. In some weird way, it made me feel more loved.
Nothing can ever rival a love letter from My Wonderful
(and him still asking me to marry him with a Ring Pop.) 


Aileen said...

This is just lovely... and a great perspective on Valentine's Day. It's an easy holiday to hate, but I found myself getting a little more excited about it this year too. :)

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