Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sports Talk: Local Sports Rivalry Facebook Page - Bring on the Smack Talk!

As a correspondent sports writer for The Casey County News, I write an weekly editorial column for the publication. Published July 10, 2013. 
If you’re an area sports fan, you are likely to have a preference to either the color red or blue. No matter your level of love/hate for the Kentucky Wildcats or Louisville Cardinals, as a sports lover, you have an opinion. Recently some local fans have created a great online space for sharing these opinions on all of the latest and greatest news concerning the state’s great sports teams.
Josh Richardson, an avid blue-bleeding Wildcat fan, created The Kentucky Sports Rivalry Page on Facebook less than a month ago as a place for “Kentucky sports fans to debate/argue over current/old sports news and topics.” (And, of course, by “Kentucky” it means our great commonwealth, not the university.)

Shortly after creating and promoting the page, Richardson decided it was only right to keep the page’s administration as unbiased as possible. He appointed University of Louisville graduate and Cardinal fan Chris Edwards as a fellow administrator of the page.

If you spend any time on Facebook, you know it’s pretty common to find a debate of sorts ensuing on a friend’s wall over a comment made, link shared or photo posted. I have found most of these debates to stem from either politics, movies and tv shows, or sports. Living in the state of Kentucky, though, it seems sports is the most common hot topic found on my news feed.

Usually the banter is friendly enough, but sometimes it gets heated. Any sports fan has the right to be passionate about their team, right? However, the idea of having a centralized place is great if you ask this sports fan.

The beauty of this new Facebook page led by two Casey County natives is its straight forward purpose: to serve as a debate ground. Cards and Cats are going to debate the big games and big announcements. In fact, I think it’s part of what we love about being a fan.

The other aspect I love about this page is that its roots are local. Because of this, it is more than likely you will know a lot of those in the great debate. Arguing with perfect strangers, in my opinion, has little value and usually goes nowhere. (If it’s in person, such as at a game, that’s a little more understandable.) Debating with people you know a little better tends to keep things lighter. You can throw in a low blow to a close friend, because you know at the end of the day you’re just two die-hard fans.

The Kentucky Sports Rivalry Page already has over 100 followers with regular posts and announcements about both universities being made. The debate has already begun and I encourage any Cardinal or Wildcat fan who loves to keep up with the debate to join the page and join the ongoing rivalry. The fact this page already has regular comments and posts with college sports in their off-season due to summer says a lot. Just wait until September rolls around and I can only imagine what the upcoming basketball season has in store!

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