Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sports Talk: Soid Finale to Casey County Fall Sports

 As a correspondent sports writer for The Casey County News, I write an weekly editorial column for the publication. Published Nov. 6, 2013.
Casey County athletics may not be a sports powerhouse recognized across the Bluegrass, but the beauty in that is the excitement we can all have over the week to week and season to season victories. Last week, three of Casey's sports teams had those victories that continue to make me proud to be a Rebel. 

Cross Country
: The girls' team qualified for the state meet, something nobody saw coming at the start of the year. The "team" was really only an individual runner last year, but thanks to Kelsey Arthur sticking with it and the motivational efforts of new coach Jon Vaughn, not only did the girls grow by enough to have a full team (at least five runners), but they had eight runners who steadily improved their times throughout the season. Coming from the girl who ran cross country solo before Casey had a team, I'm so proud of these young ladies and their coach and the direction of this program.

Football: Never count out this program. It's so easy to look at the Rebels' record or some of the game scores and write them off, but that's because we forget just how hard our district is and that we must compete in tough games that are not mandatory for other teams in other districts. While we definitely had some games we all wish had been "W's" (Taylor County... Metcalfe County...), the team's win over Adair County last week in their last regular season game showed just how this team is improving and that their record is not a reflection of their capabilities. Adair was a 4-5 team going into the game and hoping to be 5-5. Beating the 1-8 Rebels probably seemed like a cake walk to the Indians, but instead we dominated from start to finish. I love the positive attitude coach Sam Marple continues to instill in his team, knowing the future is bright.

Volleyball: After falling in the district championship game in a less than stellar performance, it was nice that the VolleyRebs still had the opportunity to continue on to the 12th Region tournament and end their season on a high--and that they did. Sure, they ended on a loss--all but one team will--but there is a major difference in ending on a game your proud of as opposed to one you yearn to redo. The eight dedicated seniors led this team through a fantastic season right to the end when they fell to Wayne County, who went on to be the regional champions. It was a semifinal game, the furthest than the VolleyRebs have made it in the regional tournament since moving from the 45th District to the 47th District. It was a great season for the team and it's hard to imagine them hitting the court next year without those eight talented girls.

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