Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Job, New House

So the new phase has officially begun...

This past weekend brought for a lot of fun and excitement and a lot of farewells. Friday night the "Glory Hole," as our house was named by the one and only Josh Jaso, (Don't get the wrong idea by that name!) hosted it's final event: the "I'm Tanked with Gress" party. The party was a final farewell to Gress as he left this weekend for Columbus, Ohio where he is now working for Honda, a farewell to The Glory Hole, as we are moving out this week and a send off to the newly weds as they headed back to Auburn just yesterday. Thanks to my Uncle Cliff and my Pa, everyone was able to sport their very own "I'm Tanked" tshirt, and whether it was the magical powers of the tshirt itself or beverage consumption influeces, the night was indeed a memorable one. I'm not sure what life in Louisville will be like with out my substitute big brother. I guess there is another reason to visit Columbus besides the Buckeyes.

As of yesterday I am now waking up to head to my real job. The company's name is VuPal and it is a completely new web-based business here in Louisville. The idea is to create websites that are hobby/interest specific with the use of some blogging but mainly video casts. For example, the site I am doing my work for, as of now, is www.foodvu.com. I will be producer for one of the shows that has yet to launch, "FN Crazy", but is directed at all of the Food Network addicts out there, so I have been spending my days becoming an expert on the station and its many shows and hosts. There is so much more drama among the viewers than I ever woudl have guessed--all of their feedback and such about the new shows, old shows, hosts, etc. is rather entertaining.

Everything about this job is completely start up, as I am only an indpendent contractor right now--as is everyone. I sit around a circle of plastic tables with anywhere from four to 12 other people and we all work from our personal laptops. Nearly everyone here is in their early 30s or younger--including two other May 2008 Bellarmine grads. It's definitely going to be a learning experience and an adventure...something I'm always down for!

And finally, this is moving week! Becky, Dani and I got our keys to the new house last Friday and have been dropping stuff off at the house hit and miss. We'll get all of the big stuff over on Friday and get completely settled, which I am rather excited about. It will be sad to say a final goodbye to the Glory Hole...my wonderful purple room, the roof outside my window that was sat upon by so many, the fun backyard and its built in grill (also good for snowball fights in the winter), the fire place used to make s'mores and the wonderfully painted "Dr. Suess" downstairs. The new place, formerly known as the "Sam-Lally House" (we have yet to dub it something new) will be much nicer and easier to upkeep with its smaller size. We'll also miss Quincy the neighborhood cat on Gresham (His real name is Little Star but we didn't learn that until too late--besides, it's a horrible cat name!), but we already have a friendly feline who sits outside our steps regularly, just waiting for a name. The other exciting part about the new crib is our just-down-the-street neighbors: The Man Clan! That's right, "The Bunker" where Steve, Little Ben, Josh and Joe all reside is a walk across the road. This could be glorious or disastrous...we'll just have to wait and see...

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