Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Crazy Mess of 2009 Begins!

2009 is a crazy exciting mess!

My goal this year is to "keep it interesting." I want to keep every month/every week to be something a little different, and I want to feel productive in a positive way. 

So far, so good.

Dani and I have decided to each take our turn cooking a new meal once a month. (And by "new meal" I mean NOT pasta with tons and tons of garlic!!) 
We've also committed to finding service projects and events we can be a part of each month. This past Monday we were a part of the MLK Service Challenge that Kara was in charge of organizing through her Americorps job. We spent the day cleaning and reorganizing the Americana gymnasium storage room and then moved to their library where we completely relabeled and shelved their books. It's always great to spend a day doing something for someone else with OTHERS who are willing to give their time. That shared willingness to give your time creates a great atmosphere.

We've also committed to doing more "extracurriculars" each
 month. We definitely love our Tuesday Beer Nights at Shenanigans and nights out on Bardstown Road, but we decided it's time we spice it up. Two weeks ago we got a group of about 12 to join us for ice skating. (Well, Dani came down with strep throat at the last minute and unfortunately didn't make it herself...) But it was such a good time that others were already throwing out ideas for future outings. 
Skiing/snowboarding is definitely on that list. I'm looking for a good February date now.

Also, there is the goal to continue to be progressive in the work world. I guess you could describe what I am doing as "progressive." It's all a mess in one aspect, but I'm loving it. Right now I'm doing still doing some work for Vupal with FN Crazy until we see where the show goes. I have been working with a guy named Todd (recommended to him by my Vupal boss and his good friend, Rob). I am writing for a website he is building as well as in the process of taking a position at GLI (Greater Louisville Inc) as their operations manager in IT. Also in the works is a possible web show for Bellarmine--which I'm really crossing my fingers for. 

So, forget every month or week being different... every DAY is different right now!

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