Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice: More or Less Threatening In The City?

It's awesome when "snow days" can still randomly apply to you even in the work world! 
Louisville got it's predicted "snowpocalypse" as it has been called.  There are several inches of snow on the ground and there has been plenty of continued ice and snow throughout the day.  The GLI office was closed which also meant the cancellation of my 4 p.m. meeting off site. 
I just got off the phone with my Mom who is back in The Valley to find out that their conditions are reminiscent of the 94 ice storm. For those who are unaware, my home in Casey County is located in the middle of 700 acres of land at the end of a dirt road. So they've been hearing the cracking and crashing of trees weighed down with ice all day. She said the power went out early this morning. Lucky for them they have the trusty wood burning stove. I can't imagine what a baby I'd turn into if our power went out and we had no heat at Checkpoint Charlie. I'd be wishing I had a Snuggie then... kidding...kidding...

So I don't know if the thought of being in a house that could be crushed by one of the hundreds of trees around it is more threatening... Or the thought that the power could go out here in town and I'd be left to FREEZE with no heat! Hmmm....

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Brandon Gilbert said...

this snow storm is amazing!!

hopefully i can go sledding tomorrow..