Saturday, March 14, 2009

All Cliches Spring From Some Underlying Truth, Right?

It may only be one week until it comes out on DVD but I still decided to go to the cheap theater to see the movie Twilight. I read the book in November at the hype of the theatrical release but never managed to make it to a viewing on the big screen. So why not pay three bucks to see it on a big screen when next week it is going to cost me that much to rent it at Blockbuster?

My desire to see the movie developed from two things: having read the book and the Edward Cullen obsessions of my friends. (Which, I admit that the latter reason was also my reason for reading the book in the first place.)

I think, though, that I figured out why it has been that while the movie tends to be pinned to teen girls, I have found so many friends my age (and older) are also in love with Edward Cullen. At the same time, any guy I know who dares admitting he actually saw the movie (as well as the guys who refuse to be come anywhere near it) insist it's simply a crappy, cliche love story. Or, as my friend put it, a movie made for "13-year-old girls who have never had the opportunity to have a boyfriend."

Interesting...because I think all of my friends who have talked it up so much to me have at least had the opportunity to have a boyfriend. In fact, some of them are married.

After watching the movie tonight I think I figured it out. Nearly any girl can watch the film, read the book and want what Bella has. Every girl wants a love story and every girl wants the love and loyalty that Edward gives Bella. Girls relate and understand what Stephanie Meyer was conveying in her story. Guys, on the other hand, cannot relate to Edward. First of all, they aren't vampires. Beyond that, Edward is nothing but a fictional character to them and nothing of reality. This makes the whole storyline a cliche love story.

I think the story and the love of it I have seen from both those "13 year-old-girls who have never had the opportunity to have a boyfriend" and from my 23+ year-old friends who are in serious relationships or married proves that the story strikes the chords of love in girls of all ages and experiences. Perhaps less cheesy or cliche, but somewhere inside, every girl wants her own love story of sorts.

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Organic Meatbag said...

Twilight is sissifying all Vampire cultures...