Monday, May 17, 2010

Reaching the Halfway Point

It's not quite halfway through 2010 but while it's on my mind I thought it was a good opportunity to do a quick review of where the year stands in comparison with how I felt going into 2010. Besides, it's time I kick my butt back into gear since I've dropped the ball on blogging for the past two and half months and I definitely have full intentions to once again use this as my point of communication to family and friends while I am adventuring out of the country: Brazil!

I told you that 2010 felt different. I wrote that five days into the year. Hard to believe that I was so right. I feel like my life is something completely different today than it was six months ago. I mean, basically just go back to 2009 and it was something different. I never would have told you that so suddenly I would be living in an apartment very much outside of the Highlands area with my best friend and cousin, Holly Jo, who was living and working in Lexington. And I most definitely never would have told you I'd be in a serious relationship with a guy I've known for five years and had never once before even considered being someone I might date.

Six months ago my life centered on working, hanging out with my roomies and walking across the street to visit the Man Clan and getting random texts from Steve, Jaso and Ben usually planning the weekend events. Now my life centers on my work, my family and my boyfriend. Not only has my cousin moved back to Louisville and living with me, but Nic has completed vet school so he and Michelle are moving back as soon as her school year in Auburn is completed. (Nic actually spent the last two months here doing his preceptorship.) My cousin Alyx has just returned from Japan and is in the process of moving to Louisville and word is that my cousin Ian is also returning to Louisville from North Carolina. I don't need to do any rambling about how much my family and my cousins mean to me.

Life is about to change again, however, as Jon, the boyfriend, is taking a job in his hometown of Evansville, Indiana so he'll no longer be living seven minutes away and cooking dinner with me every night. But that's all part of life correct? Change and adventure and moving forward to see where exactly your path intends to lead you.

And at exactly the midway mark of the year I will embark on a great adventure that I've had on my calendar since 2007: Brazil! Micah and I (along with his girlfriend Melody) will head to South American on June 4 to visit Gui just as I promised him I would after returning from Europe in 2007. It will be a 10 day adventure and it's come so quickly that I've not even had time to really wrap my head around the fact I'm truly going. No doubt it will be incredible and I look forward to sharing the adventures with you all.

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