Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hunting Season

I'm job hunting. I wouldn't describe it as "fun," but in my particular circumstances it is a bit exciting. I love my current job and the idea of not working for Todd after 3 years is sad. I have a feeling that throughout the duration of my career, none will compare to that of working through the evolution of Infominded to Member Minded to Try It Local with Todd. I was a bit spoiled with the type of "job"I've had for a three year period as someone in her mid-twenties!

Nonetheless, with the end of any good thing, is the start of a new adventure and only time will tell what is in store next. Perhaps the crappiest of crappy jobs. Maybe it'll take my six months to find one in this middle-of-nowhere Central Kentucky land. Maybe I'll have to take something that barely covers the gas to make it there everyday. Good or bad, I think we can all agree that sometimes it's the bad, ugly and unfortunate situations that are the most memorable and bring the best end results.

I don't want to give too much detail about my job hunt. I'll just say I'm looking constantly and doing my best to connect with those whom I believe know me well and can put in a good word or help network me if they happen to hear of any opportunities. There are some potential situations out there right now. One of which would seem almost too convenient and desired to work in my favor. (I figure Jon and I got our lucky break with his Tarter job this past spring.) But either way, these hit and miss hopeful opportunities do provide me with one thing: peace.

Whether I find a "dream job" or not...whether I find something tomorrow or in three months... Here in the middle of nowhere there are still opportunities and one will come about that is for me when the time is right.

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