Thursday, November 24, 2011

Show 'em some grAtitude!

I don't want to seem UNgrateful, but I'm not going to call out the important people in my life for this post. I don't need a special season, time of year or holiday to tell those people in my life that they are important to me. I hope my actions and words send that message to them on a daily basis. Instead, I think this season of appreciation is a good time to remember the things we don't always take time to show the gratitude let me begin...

Eye Doctors
- I don't know this for a fact, but I'm 99% sure I'm legally blind without my glasses or contacts. I probably wouldn't be able to hold a job and would have had many, many obstacles in school if I didn't have contacts/glasses. Thanks GOODNESS!

Kentucky Weather
- People complain all of the time and I probably have too at some point. But wow do I love ALL seasons. Sure I get tired of the freezing cold and snow by mid-February but I still love the beauty of snow. I love the arrival of spring days and the coming to life of the world. Everyone loves a hot day at the pool or lake during the summer and nothing tops the radiance of colors along with the perfect weather of the fall. So grateful I can live in one place and experience ALL of that.

- I've gotten to see some pretty cool places and visit some great friends thanks to this speedy form of travel. The food may be crap but wow is the ability cool! We can FLY!

Coffee Shops
- I love the smell and the coziness. I've spent many a hour catching up with friends, reading (lame) text books and zoning in on school work and sometimes just for the comfort. In 2009 when the ice storm hit Louisville and my home was out of power (ie, WARMTH) I enjoyed a hot cup of coffee at good ol' Heine Brothers and used my laptop waiting for a friend to get off work who was supplying me with a hot supper. That coffee shop never felt more like home!

Adult-sized onesies
: Yes, the sell them. Yes, I have TWO. A purple one (of course) and a glow in the dark dinosaur one. Keeping the kid alive in all of us.

Valerie, Myself & Becky all sporting our trendy onesies!
Sweats & Slippers: I can't understand who wouldn't want to wear them all of the time. Sure it's fun to dress up here and there but man-oh-man, nothing tops my "simple pleasures" in life like wearing cozy clothes all day long.

: Some people don't find the appreciation in them. Amazing how if you embrace them, though, that they become an active part of you and/or your family. Someone to talk to when no one else is around. You never have to feel alone.

: I have a lot. I'd like more. I really don't think I could have enough. They're so warm.

Modern Communication
: I have friends all over the country and world. Jon's family lives 4 hours away. I live 1-2 hours from most of my friends. I am in touch with them all constantly. When my parents moved to middle-of-nowhere-Kentucky there was only the option of snail-mail or long-distance phone calls. Now we have cell phones, email, Facebook, text messages, Skype...the only people we fall out of touch with are those we choose to do so.

Hand-written letters
: I don't get many and I know i just thanked the opposite, but nothing excites me like REAL mail. Perhaps one of the best things that came out of Jon and I living apart for a year were the wonderful letters he sent in the mail.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!!


Chelsea said...

onesies have become the new thing! hahah I've seen SO many onesie parties.

RitaPeat said...

Really?? That's awesome!! Haha... Now I just have to find one for Jon... :)