Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A greener than GREEN St. Paddy's Day!

It's not too often to see sunshine and SO much green on March 17. Even if there'd been no shamrock shirts and green beer, the world was full of green as the spring is arriving earlier than I remember for a long time!

Jon and I had a busy St. Patrick's Day, being a Saturday and all, traveling between Indiana and Kentucky but it was spent with lots of great friends, family and festivities! 

As I mentioned on Valentine's Day, I love how Facebook allows me to feel the festive fun of of others I can't physically be with. 

Sweet cinnamon rolls by my cousin!

My Grandma's grave done up by my uncle!
She's who taught my mom to love the holiday, who in turn taught me!
Bellarmine had a St. Pat's celebration in the "dining hall"
(aka KOSTER'S)... Wish they'd had this when I was there!

Friends at my favorite Louisville Irish Pub, the "Bellarmine Bar"

Although I didn't see my sis, I did see she had fun in her green!
Oliver celebrating his 2nd St. Patrick's Day birthday!
(This is how he shows us he's '2'!)

The plethora of four-leafed clovers the kiddos found at Oliver's birthday party!

My hubs embracing my St. Paddy's love!
Decked out in MUCH but not ALL of my attire.
(My shoe broke--I'm holding the sole of it...and I look
a little crazed because of it!)

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