Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sports Talk: Farewell to the BCS!

As a correspondent sports writer for The Casey County News, I write an weekly editorial column for the publication. Published Jan. 8, 2014.  
After 16 years, it has come to an end, and it was the perfect show for closing the curtain on the BCS...and I’m an Auburn fan!

Ok, so probably not as hardcore of a fan as those who were heartbroken in the stands on Monday night, but I’ve chanted, “War Eagle” in my day. My older brother attended the school’s veterinary program which made my family begin following the Tigers more closely about eight years ago.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed their play this season and particularly their last minute victory over Alabama.

However, I admit that going into Monday’s game, there was a part of my completely fine with Auburn falling to Florida State—primarily for one reason really: SEC. I’m not anti-SEC; however, like many, I get tired of the people who are SEC obsessed. I know it’s not a blanket statement, but it’s definitely the common trend for UK fans to love everything SEC and one can’t help but say that stems from the fact UK’s football team is regularly at the bottom of the conference. Loving the SEC allows UK fans to do two things: (a) have something to cheer for—an entire conference and (b) have an excuse for losing.

With the SEC having dominated the BCS for the past seven years, I couldn’t help but want to end the BCS with a change-up in which conference the trophy was going to. Besides, with Florida State’s victory they earned a perfect season. Because of Auburn’s one season loss, even with the national title, they would not have had a perfect record. Florida State got it all this season: Heisman, perfect record and a national championship. You’ve got to be excited for them for that.

Beyond the winner of Monday night’s game, since I was semi-impartial to who it would be, what I was most happy with was the game itself: it was the perfect championship game. There were changes in the lead, exciting moments for both sides, big game-changing plays, and an outcome that was determined in the final minutes of play.

No matter if you loved or hated the BCS, if you love college football, it’s the end of an era and there is always something a little sad about that. I’m glad Auburn and Florida State could give us a climactic ending with the fireworks one hopes to see. (Because, let’s be honest, not every BCS National Championship game has been exciting… As an Ohio State fan, I know this to be oh-so-true, sadly…)

Honestly, I’m mainly sad that college football has come to an end again. But there is a lot of change to look forward to in 2014… The Governor’s Cup moving to the end of the season, a new Cardinal coach and the first year of the four-team play-off for the national title. But for now, we will just focus on basketball (and cheer for the Colts and Bengals).

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