Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sports Talk: 2014... Year of the Cards or Cats?

As a correspondent sports writer for The Casey County News, I write an weekly editorial column for the publication. Published Jan. 1, 2014.  
"The time has come," the sports fan said,
"To talk of many things:
Of games--and players--and team records
of championship rings..."

The year 2013 is officially behind us. As great or as bad of a year as it may or may not have been for your teams and players in the world of sports, it is now time to move on and let go.

This could be a good or bad thing in your book. I'd say for Kentucky Wildcat fans, it is a positive. With the exception of ending on Saturday's basketball victory, 2013 did not exactly bring the greatest of great--it brought a lot of hope with new coaches and great recruits, but it produced nothing solid to brag about on a large scale.

The Louisville Cardinals, on the other hand, LOVED 2013. It brought one great team after another: lots of national spotlight time and big wins and even championships. 

The entry into 2014 is a little bittersweet for Cardinal fans; especially those who are avid Anti-Wildcat. UofL fans have loved all of the accomplishments of 2013 and loved to talk about it. They've loved to remind UK fans over and over of all of the big things their school has accomplished in 2013, while UK fell short in many regards; but now is the time when Cardinals either become hypocrites, or step up and act as respectable sports fans.

Having lived in both a heavily UK-centric area (Casey County) and a Cardinal-crazed area (Louisville), I've regularly heard the common gripes fans have about each other and one of the more popular teases Louisville fans like to throw at Kentucky fans is their tendency to "live in the past". They love to point out that UK fans brag about past championships and accomplishments when there is nothing in the present to be excited about.

So, now that 2013 is over, it remains to be seen if Cardinal fans will fall victim to their own UK joke. Will Louisville fans continue to brag about their 2013 accomplishments  or will they simply maintain pride and love for those teams and players but embrace the now?

As a Cardinal fan who loved the excitement of 2013, I am probably like most Louisvillians who hope that the excitement only continues and there is not even a need to "live in the past"; however, only time will tell who earns the bigger bragging rights of 2014. For me, even if it's Kentucky, I'm quite all right with that and will enjoy any excitement relating to Bluegrass sports teams. I've got my Wildcat blue in my wardrobe right alongside the Cardinal red! And, of course, I'm always hoping to see big things out of my Bellarmine Knights!

Happy New Year, sports fans!

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