Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Moments Not Forgotten

It's the first month of two under two... Every moment is special. I'm so grateful for Jacob's laid back personality. (IE: He is not like Dorothy who cried LOTS and always needed walked around and bounced, didn't want to latch, destroyed my nipples, wouldn't take a pacifier, had a piercing cry...) and I cannot be prouder of my little girl, now a big sister. She is very patient with me and Jacob. Oftentimes when I am feeding him or rocking him, it's like she understands that he needs me. Not always (sometimes she is her standard 16-month old self), but many times this is when she will go off and play on her own, flip through book pages, push her shopping cart around, etc. and completely leave us be. 
  • Be wary of what 'games' I teach Dorothy to play with Jacob at this point. I thought peek-a-boo would be fun when trying to occupy Dorothy while also rocking Jacob on my lap. I proceeded to cover his face with my hand, without touching his face, and then uncovering it saying "peek-a-boo!" Dorothy loved it... So much so, she thought she would do it herself...which resulted in her attempting to slap down on his face repeatedly... Oops....
  • She loves helping change diapers. He hasn't been the biggest fan of diaper changes, and tends to cry... So now, whenever he begins to cry, she scurries to the spot in the living room where I lay him for changing downstairs and begins pulling out all of the changing stuff. (And by "all" I mean, she pulls out every diaper and item in the basket I have sitting there.
  • She's wanted to hold him and there are not words for how adorable that is. Obviously I really hold him but she sits so still (you have no idea how abnormal that is for this child) and just looks down at him. Precious.
  • She tries to offer him food... Anything from her water cup to green beans.
  • She gets excited in the morning to come see him in the space pod (our name for the cradle-n-swing)... Almost as excited as she would get every morning during the Christmas season to run to that same spot and insist I turn the lights on. 
  • She loved helping me bathe him. She gets a kick out of his little tub.... "Splish Splash" time is a favorite of hers anyway...
  • She likes to mimic much of what I do with Jacob with her stuffed animals/dolls. She lays them out on the blanket I use on the floor to change Jacob... She puts them in the swing... She holds them against her chest to love on them when I'm carrying or burping Jacob. She just wants to be the best big sister!
  • She loves Jacob's hats. Okay, so she loves hats and head gear in general--let's be honest. If she recognizes it as something to go on one's head, she wants to wear it. (And sometimes she wants to wear things as hats that are not hats at all...) She brings me Jacob's hats to put on his head...even when he is already wearing one. She also tries to wear them herself. (Her current favorite is actually one that was made for her last Christmas. It was crocheted and stretches so we make it work.) 

  • She also likes to bring me bibs for Jacob or try to put them on him. Bibs are another thing she likes to wear herself--probably because she relates them to getting to eat (which she would do non-stop if we let her!) 
  • Jacob watches her. I swear. I know his eyesight is still developing and not really clear yet, but I swear he knows her and is comforted by her presence. I think he knows her in a similar way that he knows me. He probably heard her crazy talk and noises throughout the time in the womb--she was always right there with me. And now that he is with us, he spends all day every day with both myself and Dorothy. 
  • She gets upset when he gets upset. She doesn't like it when he cries. It's not like the crying noise bothers her specifically, but that she understands he is upset about something and she doesn't like that.
  • Recently, Dorothy was playing near the "space pod" (swing) when Jacob was in it. In one moment all was fine, and the next I looked up and the thing was rocking at full speed side-to-side. Dot had him MOVIN'! Yikes! Although it didn't seem to phase the little guy one bit. 
They have a special connection already and I can just sense it. Maybe this is something every mother/parent feels of their children, but I see the way she has changed in the short weeks he's been here. I see how genuinely interested in him she is. I see his intrigue in her and when she is nearby. After finding out I was pregnant, I often prayed that at night their souls would meet; that in their sleep they would spend time together, coming to know one another, so that when they were here on this earth together, they'd already know each other and have a special bond. I still pray that their souls meet in times of slumber. 

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