Friday, November 13, 2015

Freaky Friday Shopping

Happy Friday!

Since it is Friday the 13th, I figured I'd throw you a curve ball with... 

...Some shopping tips from this tight-wad! 
(And by 'tight-was,' I don't just mean, always find and taking advantage of a good deal... 
I mean has to be forced into spending money on herself.)

I gifted myself a night of meandering through its delightful accessories and whatnot (as opposed to working) and plotting all of the Christmas shopping I will be doing in the coming weeks.

I found it, thanks to my newfound Insta-Mom, MaLyn, and her blog
She keeps the mom thing real... 

On another note, I actually did buy myself something last week and was delighted to see it stuffed in my mailbox today:
New jeans & my new favorite Christmas top.
Thanks to Kohl's Cash & coupons, I basically only paid tax and shipping!

Oh and if you weren't aware, I'm a lifer, in terms of being a Peanuts fan. Not just on the bandwagon now that I'm a mom and the movie just came out. 

Seriously: I was Snoopy for Halloween in 3rd grade. 
(Oh and those are definitely knee-high orange striped Snoopy socks under my skinny jeans.)
I'm not sure any adult giggles at Snoopy the way I do and it's only that whole tight-wad thing that's kept my kids from being smothered in Snoopy-ness. 
Regardless, I'm loving the fact there is a Peanuts Movie to bring out the best of the best Snoopy everything these days.

Sad news is the kids are too young to sit through a movie in the theater, so Peanuts on the big screen is not happening for me. Guess we'll just be enjoying The Great Pumpkin and Charlie Brown Christmas for now.

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