Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sports Talk: A fan-worthy game for the Rebel Home Opener

 As a correspondent sports writer for The Casey County News, I write an weekly editorial column for the publication. Published Sept. 4 2013.
Fall really seemed to come to life this past weekend, at least for me, despite the continued hot days. September is officially here and college football is underway. On top of that, Casey had its first home football game and nothing makes me happier than seeing the crowd of columbia blue and red in the stands and along the fence line of our home field. Well, I guess a win to go with it would have made me happier.
Whether you were at the game, heard or read about it afterwards or tuned in on the radio, (Thank you WKDO for carrying the games again this year), you know what a heartbreaker it was. A one-point loss always is, but add that to having led the entire game, a questionable touchdown that gave Taylor the edge in the last minute, and the real kicker: a fabulous effort on behalf of the Rebels.

I hope the athletes and coaches know what a great showing they made last Friday, despite the “L” that stands next to the final score.  From start to finish the game was engaging and exciting for anyone spectating. I was actually supposed to leave for Ohio on Friday evening, but opted to stay home to cover the game live and leave Saturday morning instead and the Rebels definitely made that decision more than worth it.

Yes, there were mistakes and moments when I’d cringe or shout or clench my fists, but seeing both upper and lower classmen make big plays and the team bounce back from mistakes seemed to reveal a spark in Rebel football that I was so hopeful for this season.

The end result may have been a loss but I saw so many wins throughout the night that were a turn around from last season. It’s exciting to see the progress of the program and I hope the spark and momentum of the team’s home opener only builds. Casey, no doubt has a tough schedule ahead, but I am optimistic that despite the competition and win/loss results, the team will not lose that spark they showed developing last Friday.

A loss, but Congratulations to Coach Marple, his staff and the team on a great home opener nonetheless, You gave this Rebel fan, and many others I’m sure, a reason to be excited for this coming Friday and the rest of the fall. Keep it up!

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