Friday, September 6, 2013

Baby Growth: Weeks 30, 31, 32 & 33

Eek! We're down to only 7 weeks to go? Really?? I don't know why but seven just seems so much shorter to me than eight. I guess because in the back of my mind there is such a reality that it actually could happen at any time--what with people having premies and all. 

Comfort: I admit, I'm getting more and more uncomfortable. The point of excitement about my growing belly has past--at least for me. Now I have to heave myself up from any position--out of the car, out of bed, out of chair. off the floor, etc, etc... A lot of times I have to do a round-about/roll-around to get to my feet. There is constant soreness down low, I suppose from my body adjusting and preparing for the Peangling to drop down. I tell myself that this pain is for my own benefit and will help make the delivery process smoother. My feet are definitely swelling more frequently. Luckily Mingus has treated me to some foot rubs, God love him! I sure do...

Sleep: I am also having more trouble sleeping. The pee-breaks aren't so much the problem. I do go but it's more just a matter of not being able to sleep.  I have some sort of acid reflex thing going on--except not from acidic food. It happens anytime I lay down... I feel like something is at the top of my throat ready to come up, so laying on my back is now out in addition to the stomach sleeping that was gone long ago. A lot of times laying on my sides doesn't even help the situation. Last night I finally gave up and read for an hour before trying to go back to sleep. 

Other things to note: My belly button is full-on outie. I know I'm still growing because of the fact I have to pull my belly back in order to even see all of my belly button. My once "extra big" t-shirts are now snug (See the week 33 photo...That shirt swallowed me at the beginning of the summer) and I'm resorting to rooting through Mingus's dresser drawers for comfy shorts and shirts. I'm trying to do some stretching and walking regularly to keep everything as loose as possible and to be ready for that "marathon" they call delivery. My once extra-loose rings now don't budge off my fingers. My belly periodically gets very hard, which I'm starting to think are the Braxton Hicks contractions but I'm not sure. 

Fun happenings: During the last four weeks we've had plenty of good things happen too. Activity continues pretty consistently. We had our second shower and we had our final ultrasound. We even got to see the little Peangling's face! All reports from the doctor's remain positive and I continue to show an earlier due date than originally projected. (Oct. 17 instead of Oct. 21) I was able to snag a few baby Mingus pictures from his family on our last visit so when the babe arrives I have a better idea what features it gets from its Pop. My cousin-in-law with two little girls passed on a lot of toys and gear she is now done with.  

Birthday: Mom gave me a great breastfeeding book for my birthday I know will be an excellent resource; however, I do still need to sign up for the hospital's course. Jon did a great job shoe shopping once again. At first he was going to get me some cute black Crocs, but then opted for these colorful and fun Keens. He too, at this point, has noted my swelling feet and legs and thought more supportive shoes would be a good idea--and they do feel great. (He's also been a gem and rubbed my feet/calves from time to time!)

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kate said...

How did I not know you have a blog?!?! EEEEE I am looking so forward to catching up and following along! You are looking great, mama!!! :)