Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Baby Growth: Weeks 18, 19, 20, and 21!

I've opted out of posting too much pregnancy-ness on Facebook as to not overwhelm people with too much and I thought about not even taking pictures of my "growth". However, I decided I did want to look back, myself, and see how big I was at different points, when the growth spurts seemed to be and to be able to compare on any future pregnancies. I decided my blog was a safe place to post these pictures. So far I've usually taken them in the evening after Mingus gets home and is in for the evening so I tend to look a little worn out from the day but oh well... It's not about me :) Here are the past four weeks... I really don't think it looks like I've grown that much but I think I have?? I'm actually 22 weeks today but the picture hasn't been taken yet so you'll just have to wait!

In other news, my wonderful friend, and now mother of two, Valerie, has let me borrow her tub of maternity clothes since she has a month-old and doesn't plan to need them (hopefully!) in the next several months. Between her and Jerusha letting me borrow maternity clothes I'm pretty much set--and I'm very grateful to them both! Not having to shop for a bunch of new stuff is great. Given I may need to on the next go around, but this time it's a life-saver. At most I'm thinking I may need to eventually buy a pair of jeans or two, but we shall see. 

The Peangling is definitely active these days. I feel movement on a daily basis. I always feel bigger by night time than I do in the morning, but I guess that is just the slow digestive track at work. The other funny thing that has happened (that I am assuming is a result of pregnancy) is what Mingus and I have come to refer to my permanent dirty face! There are spots on either cheek where it's almost like my freckles have darkened and run together. I first thought it was dirt from working in the garden but no. I suppose it could be summer sun in general but you do hear about skin changes with pregnancy so I guess we will find out after October. 

But either way, if you see me and think I've been playing in the dirt... well I might have been, but the 'dirt' on my face is kind of permanent for now!


Aileen said...

Rita! You're so cute... Congratulations to you and Jon! I hope I'll get to see the first A-team baby bump in person soon! :)

Rachmo said...

Rita you look beautiful as always! So excited for you. Miss you