Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Graduation Celebration

It's pretty much a given that anytime the Dixon Clan and the Hellyer crew get together, a good time is bound to be had. Last year we had the pleasure of celebrating Jo & MJ's wedding together. This past weekend we celebrated two graduations: Clint's high school graduation from Boyle County High and Hayley's college graduation from Campbellsville University. 
The Hellyer Ladies
Eaglenest has a great set up for hosting a large group--especially on a beautiful summer day like we had. A spacey kitchen for lots of food, an open room with lots of seating for lounging, and a great deck that overlooks an open field perfect for yard games!

Socializing in the sunshine!
It was the first time Jo, Michelle and I have gotten to be all together since announcing our baby news in April so it was fun to compare bumps and the fun of the journey we are on! Jo recently found out they will be having a baby girl! Mingus and I could have had our gender told to us at our last appointment (20 weeks) but (much to his dismay) I insisted we keep it a mystery! (He says he can deal with mysteries better than "surprises" so I'm working on calling it a mystery instead!) I think he is semi-okay with not knowing, but sitting in that room with the ultrasound tech who DID know killed him! SOMEONE knew and he did not. I promised him that if he wants to know next time we can find out but I want to have a surprise this one time!
The Mamas and their bellies
The Papas and their bellies!
We decided to conduct the "Pencil Test" to see what it says the gender of ours and Nic & Michelle's will be. I see it as kind of like the Ouija Board--I still want it to be a mystery but it's still fun to see what it says... We used Jo as our "control" group... as in, she took the test too and sure enough it said she was having a girl! As for us? Boy and Boy says the pencil test!

Pencil test says... boy?
It was a great day and we were there long into the night enjoying the company and food. There was a never-ending game of Kubb going on in the yard between Clint and his friends and a bunch of family--which they referred to as the "adult" team. Which to me was just weird because Pa was about the only one on the team I see as an "adult"...the rest were Boo, Nic, Mingus, etc, etc...

The "Adult" team in the Kubb game!
Mingus and I both had a great time with everyone. Wish gatherings like that could happen more often but we sure are grateful when they do!

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