Friday, June 28, 2013

New Camera! -->Warning! Unedited Photos!

So I've wanted a nice Digital SLR camera for sometime <shocker!> But I've never had a good justification for it with getting pretty good photos out of my smaller point and shoot cameras. My newspaper job has kind of called for it, as the DSLR I use is quite old. However, being that the former writer, whose profession is photography, still does photos at most of the events, how can I really compete with his quality anyway? And I've enjoyed having him cover events to put a little less stress on my schedule what with working all day and traveling to Louisville.

However, I always told Mingus I hoped to spring for one once we started having kids...and...well, that time has arrived! I love everyone's professional photos, but being somewhat of a photo-lover myself.... I plan to save the money and take care of photos myself. Plus it gives me a reason to really learn a nice camera and improve my personal photography abilities. I always love looking at my mom's photos from when she used to use her film Nikon SLR she got shortly after Nicholas was born.

So after stewing over it for...way too long, Mingus gave me a deadline and insisted I pull the trigger. While I do love Mom's old Nikon--it's what I used for my photography class at Bellarmine--I've always loved the Canon digitals I've had in the past. My first two digital cameras were Canon Powershots and even the 3.2 megapixel one I got in 2005 took excellent pictures. My current camera is Sony and I do like it, but, while still having my high opinion of the Powershots, I have also always heard positive things about the Canon Rebel, which actually is what the old newspaper camera I am using now is. 

Now, we all know I'm a penny-pincher, I really could not come with any justification for getting a higher model verses just the T3 12.2 megapixel. I primarily saved the money on springing for the T3i because a Best Buy employee was explaining that the biggest change/improvement between the two is that the "i" versions are better video quality but I'm not getting this camera for video. So the Canon Rebel T3 is now in my possession.

There is so much to learn about this thing, but, no surprise, playing has been fun this week. I think one of the best parts about this camera is the various settings and adjustments I have the ability to make that can give my pictures different looks without even depending on editing. Of course I like editing photos, but I'd rather be able to capture the look I'm hoping for in the moment rather than just hoping to be able to doctor it up later. 

Here are just some I took on my walk from our place to my parents' on my first day of learning...straight off the camera with no edits...

So many looks just by simple setting changes:

Simple to capture vibrant color or even get a monochrome look:

Detail up close and from a distance:

I also love the control of focus with this camera. 

Yes, yes, yes... I have lots to learn at least I have a little time before the Peangling arrives! Hopefully that's enough time to get decent with this new TOOL (...not toy...).


Aileen said...

Sean and I just got a new camera too... it's not a DSLR, it's called mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (it's an Olympus), and we are having fun experimenting/playing!

Rita Harris said...

New cameras are so fun!! I've never heard of that type but it took me forever to just make a decision and actually get a new camera--another option probably would have just slowed me down! You need to post some of your experimental/playing photos to your blog!! I miss your regular posts!

Aileen said...

I know... we have been bad bloggers this year. But we just took a trip to Chicago, and we're working on a post! I'd like to start posting more often now...especially since we can have better quality photos.