Thursday, August 29, 2013

A scrunched up little face

There really is a baby in there!!

We had our final ultrasound last week. It was primarily for the doctors to get measurements and check on a few things that all is A-OK, but it also meant the opportunity to see our little baybo and to have the chance to take a glimpse at the face! 

All is good healthwise as far as they can tell, so we are grateful for that. My weight gain is good, the heartbeat is good, all looks good and it's up to about 4lbs--for what that's worth. It's still showing ahead of the original due date and leaning towards Oct. 17 rather than 21st, but that only means so much of course. It'll come when it comes!

It was a'movin' when we were there. It's foot was up near it's head and from the angle they had the picture it looked like it was sucking on its toes--bizarre! (It's already weird just like us!) It was also facing down with its face to my back (the way it should be) but it made getting a good face picture tricky. It had its hand blacking the face also. Luckily there were two ultrasound techs there and one was more experienced so she gave it a shot after the other lady had little lucky getting a good face shot and the second one actually got some great ones. 

I always think the 3D pictures look a little alien-like, but I guess it goes to show it's all a different story when it's your own baby! We were thrilled to see the little mouth and nose all scrunched up in there. I'd say it looks like me but that's just because I was so scrunched up looking in the face as a newborn--and I'd say any baby is going to look scrunched in the womb!

So grateful for continued good health and I pray I continued to do all the best things I can to help nurture this little soul!

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