Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pre-Mom Reading: Breastfeeding, Products, etc.

I'm trying to use some of my extra time to do some reading about AFTER the Peangling arrives. At the beginning it's easy to get hung up on reading about the pregnancy and maternity process. It definitely is beneficial reading, but, at the same time, I began to realize that most of the "advice" and guidance I was finding was really just common sense about being healthy and safe in general. I admit that it is good, however, to know that some of the oddities with my body are normal--weird skin blemishes, leg cramping, peeing constantly, etc.
Instead I began to realize that understanding some of the "normal" things to expect once I get the baby home is a bigger deal. I do trust my natural instincts to guide me but the more I can prepare myself mentally for what is normal or okay to expect I feel will help me especially in those first weeks when I'm sure the changes will be overwhelming. Maybe it can at least help me to know when I should be concerned as opposed to having read what's normal. The other piece is even if my little brain can only retain so much now. I figure reading some and saving articles on Pinterest will maybe at least store somewhere in my mind that I did bookmark an article on a topic when I come up on a problem or question amid my new motherhood fog.

Here are a few of the articles I've read today or found useful:

Bringing Up Baby on A Budget: More than just tips themselves, I like this article because it includes lots of links to resources that support whatever tip she is giving.

Timeline of a Breastfed Baby: I like how this takes you through the first 2 years and starts out by only going by the day. I'm sure I'll learn a lot in the breastfeeding class, but this could be a great resource to fall back to when I'm trying to figure out what is/isn't normal.

Things I Didn't Know About Breastfeeding and Breastmilk: This hits on a lot of the same points but is a quicker read and more concise read. The end has links to a lot of other resources.

Advice & Products I Wish I Knew About with my First Baby: Some of these don't apply until babes are to toddler age or so, but a good resource for me to turn to later. I know every child is different but it's helpful to hear what has worked for other parents. 
There is some crossover here, but this is by the same author: My Favorite Products for New Babies

First Weeks
Tips for Surviving the First Few Weeks of Motherhood: Some of these I've heard and read elsewhere but still good reminders and may be worth my looking at when the time comes...

It's easy to go down the rabbit hole in researching baby-anything. I've pinned these and more on a Pinterest Board: Learning to be Mom. I'm sure I'll add to it, but please share what articles you found useful or what type of research you're glad you did prior to birth (or that you wish you had done!)

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