Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sports Talk: Find your photos on Facebook

As a correspondent sports writer for The Casey County News, I write an weekly editorial column for the publication. Published Aug. 7, 2013. 

I have a confession to make… What I am writing about this week is only semi-sports related, so I apologize in advance to any avid sports fans.

I wanted to use this space this week to make a little announcement. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed attending different events throughout the summer and keeping up with the out of season sports and other fun going in our community. I’ve always loved taking photos, but a photojournalism class at Bellarmine is when I really learned how photos can do so much to tell a story. I also learned how you can never take too many photos in attempt to capture the perfect one that captures a story.

My friends and family have come to know me as the picture taker of the group. I used to be made fun of for the number of pictures my friends had tagged of themselves on Facebook that belonged to me. You see, in addition to loving to take lots of photos, I love to share them. I don’t just take them for myself. I take them for friends, family and for anyone else wanting to capture a moment or tell a story for future generations.

With all of the photos I’ve taken this summer, so many of the photos are of people I do not personally know. I always have a tough time selecting which photos to submit for print and, thank goodness, I usually am not the one who has to pick which one(s) actually do get printed. I talk to many of you at these events and often times you know I’m taking photos of you or your children and then they get left on my computer for no one’s enjoyment since the paper can only fit a select number on any given week.

So I’ve recently decided to upload these photos to a Facebook page specifically for sharing with the community. I find genuine value in photos and I believe many others do too. Rather than leaving the multitude of photos I take on a hard drive somewhere for only me to rarely flip through, they are now there for you to enjoy.

Photos can be found at If you’ve seen me or talked to me at an event this summer or think I may have gotten photos of you or someone you know, take a look for it. They won’t all be perfect and I can’t guarantee editing on all of them. Also, don’t expect photos to be posted to this page immediately after being taken but you will probably be able to find that after the issue of the Casey News is released they were taken for.


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