Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Baby Gear: Shopping Fun with Mom

I had quite the day with my mom last week. We made a big trip to Lexington for a major baby consignment sale put on by one of the churches and to hit up a few of the baby/child consignment stores.

I learned about the sale, Lil' Lamb's Closet, through my aunt. Several years ago my cousin KK and I attended one in Richmond, Ky. Obviously not for me--and no not for her--but for our aunt and uncle who were adopting. I remembered how big the sale was--how much stuff they had available and all in good shape. Even better was the organization of it. The famous 127 Yardsale took place this past weekend, which has its pros and cons. If you have the time, it can be fun and beneficial to check out some of the sales--especially living so close. If you're not up for it, it's just a hassle to deal with the extra traffic of cars trying to make turn-offs at obscure locations, etc. These sales can have great deals on baby stuff, but the problem is finding the ones that have stuff you can utilize. It's hit and miss. These large consignment sales are great because everything is organized. If you're just looking for girls clothes size 2T, you get a whole rack of nothing but that and it's all in one place. Same goes for all clothes, any size, gear, furniture, toys, bedding, and on and on. 

Remembering this sale in Richmond earlier in the summer, I inquired with my aunt, if she knew if it was something they still did. As it turns out, it is still an event they put on (I think twice a year) but she discovered one in Lexington as well. Their "fall" sales happened to be taking place the same weekend and I opted for Lexington's only so I could also hit up several consignment shops also that day. 
Lil Lambs Closet
I considered going up on Thursday to volunteer with set up. Had I done this I could have shopped early on Thursday night, but since my Mom agreed to come we decided instead to just get there right at 8 a.m. when it started. It was indeed overwhelming and the traffic of people only grew while we were there. Items were moving quickly but they had a multitude of everything. 

With a couple of showers still on the agenda over the next couple of months I knew I shouldn't overdo the shopping; at the same time, I don't want to wait until the last minute to get so many of the things I need, especially because when you're scrambling you can't exactly bank on finding a good deal on things. I think I did a good job of balancing what was worth springing for and what could just wait. There are so many things that it will be good to have more than one of anyway. Mom was also able to stock up on some things she had been looking for. 

However, the big item I did want to look for and they had ZERO of was a crib! So after stocking up at the consignment sale, we stopped by a few stores to see if they happened to have any good cribs. I knew I could order one online that I liked through wayfair.com for anywhere between $140 to $180 (not including tax or shipping). So I knew getting a used one for about that price wasn't necessarily worth it. 
Lil' Lambs Closet
 We had no luck at Re-Kid, but then my sister told me about Kid 2 Kid, which had several cribs. After some contemplation and a phone call to Mingus, we opted for a great deal on a dark wood crib they were selling with the mattress and a changing table. We weren't really looking for a changing table, as there is one in the Loft where we live that we were told we could have; however, it needs some repair as it's not the most stable piece of furniture. For the price of getting all three and having a nice looking table--with drawers--we spent the $140 to get all three pieces. Mingus and I had to make a second trip to Lexington later that evening in order get it all home in the truck bed. 

While it was along day with a lot of time in the car, I was super excited by the time I was home. I've not done a lot with the room we are putting the crib, aside from moving out other furniture we no longer need, but after having had a shower and now collecting more gear at the sale, I really want to get it all organized. Mingus says the "nesting" is setting in. Maybe he's right :)
Mingus & I spent Saturday with Jo & MJ at the lake!
We had a great time just relaxing at the pool!
Bellies sure are growing - Woo, 3rd trimester!!

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