Friday, August 30, 2013

An 'In Lightning' Evening with Friends

Hard to believe but last Friday was my first trip to Louisville in nearly three months. I am pretty sure that is a record since I first moved to Louisville as a freshman in college nearly 10 years ago! And it was definitely my first Friday evening in the 'Ville in longer than I can remember.

Mingus and I lucked out and our trip to visit family in Indiana coincided with our friend Benzo having a his band play in Louisville at a relaxing, convenient location. We typically don't go by way of Louisville to visit the family anymore, but it's not much longer of a trip and for a chance to hear his band and to see a large group of our Villian friends, we weren't going to pass it up!

Benzo's band, In Lightning, is all instrumental and with all original music. (Well, I think the throw a few covers in there now but very, very few.) Benzo wrote all of the music himself which includes everything from his bass to violin, cello, French horn, guitar, piano, and drums. I had the pleasure to hear them back in March at one of their earliest shows but most of them have been on week nights (that was when I was still working in Louisville) so this was the first opportunity Mingus and I had to attend a show. We loved it.

It was at the Highlands Qdoba--a great location on the corner of Bardstown Road and Eastern Parkway, a hot spot any day of the week but especially on a Friday night. About 20 of our closest friends were out for the occasion as well, most of which we had not seen in at least three months, if not longer. 
31 & 29 Weeks for Michelle and I! Woo!
The show was from 7-9 p.m. and we intended to leave shortly thereafter, still have 2 hours on the road ahead of us, but we should have known it would not be that easy. With so many friends to catch up with, we stood on the patio chit chatting until 11 p.m.! Needless to say it was a late arrival in Newburgh, but well worth the chance to see the show and see so many faces we love!

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