Friday, August 9, 2013

Baby Growth: Weeks 26, 27, 28 & 29

Here are the final weeks of the second trimester and the first weeks of the third! Time is marching on and I'm pretty sure my "innie" belly button is much more of an outie these days...! I can't believe that by the time I post another one of these photo series I'll be nearing the mid-30s and really at the end of this train ride! A little intimidating to think about...

We had a regular appointment just yesterday and we continue to be blessed with only good reports. I took the glucose/sugar test two weeks ago and all went well in the results. My weight is up to 134 and I know I am likely to gain more still but it is definitely already throwing my balance out of whack. Taking photos at sporting events is trickier, as crouching and maneuvering isn't quite the simple task it was six months ago! 

I've also been fortunate to have had few terrible side effects to pregnancy at this point. I had a terrible case of leg-crampage one morning in bed that nearly ripped my calves apart. I was walking like I'd been through my worst hill work out in years for the next few days because of it! Definitely added more water to the daily routine after that!

Movement is regular, but not in the fashion it was previously. I do still feel kicks and hiccups and punches, but more often I feel the Peangling swimming around or flipping positions, which is a much stranger sensation if you ask me. I suppose it better enjoy the room while it's there, though because soon enough I'm sure it's going to be tight living quarters!

The next few weeks should continue to be eventful... I'm finishing up repainting some furniture for the nursery room. Our next appointment is our final ultrasound! I think we will get the 3D pictures also so that should be exciting... I was definitely a very, let's say unique, looking baby, we maybe we'll be able to tell if it's getting much of me in it's looks! We also have our second shower coming later this month with family and friends across the river in Indiana!

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Rachmo said...

You're so tiny! You are glowing and are soooo beautiful. Miss you Peata!