Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sports Talk: Rebel sports coverage back on local radio station

As a correspondent sports writer for The Casey County News, I write an weekly editorial column for the publication. Published Sept. 11, 2013.   
Have you made it out to Rebel field for a game this season? Maybe yes, maybe no. Schedules don’t always work out with how busy we all are these days. Here’s the good news, though, if you weren't aware: you can always tune into live Rebel action, thanks to WKDO.

I was extremely excited to find out that our local radio station was going to again be following the team to both home and away games to give all fans the opportunity to cheer Casey on from their homes or  work or even while on the road. 

Since I have only been living in Casey County again for the past two and a half years, I am not sure when radio broadcasts for some of our sport teams ceased, but I remember it being a regular part of my high school career.  I made it to a lot of events as a student but, especially during basketball season, I missed a lot of the men’s games due to having my own busy schedule managing the girls’ team. It was nice to have the option to tune into the games from home and hear my friends’ names being announced and be in on the big moments and close games.

I know Classic Country cannot carry all of our sports teams, but I am very glad they are bringing back football and basketball. I am actually due with our first child in October, meaning life is bound to get more hectic and traveling to Rebel sporting events is only going to get more complicated. Hearing the news that more of them would be broadcast on the radio was extra exciting.

Let’s not overlook the fact this happening is not thanks to WKDO alone. A lot of our local businesses are the ones making this possible by sponsoring the broadcasts: Casey County Bank, Don Franklin Motors, Sweet Beans n' Things, Tri-County Feeds, Save-A-Lot of Liberty, Long's Automotive & Truck Service, the Monticello Banking Company, Whited's 1547 Auto Sales and the Bread of Life Café. (This was the list posted to WKDO’s Facebook page as of Aug. 22. Apologies if there are any new sponsors I did not include.)

Be sure extend your thanks to these businesses which are helping bring Rebel sports back to the radio. This is my way of thanking the radio and all of the businesses supporting Rebel sports. And while I’m at it, I’ll say nice work to Dan Johnson and Steven Brown for their football announcing and commentary. I’m loving it and it’s even worth listening to while watching live!

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