Sunday, May 20, 2007

Beating The Odds

Now this is a story that is still blowing my mind. I cannot believe the world truly is so small...

It was a busy day in London for Dani, KK and I as we made our way from site to site--we got pretty good with the tube system, having only messed up once so far. We were just leaving the London Tower and on our way to see Big Ben when we came down to the Underground. We saw a train sitting there and ran quickly for it as not to miss it, but once on we realized no one else was and the train was stationary. We filed back out and went to the other side as another train, going in the direction we needed, pulled away. A few minutes later we saw the stationary trian begin to fill up. Assuming these people knew something we didn't, we got back on thinking it would now depart. Waiting, waiting, waiting, but no such luck. In the mean time a train on the other side comes and loads again. Finally when we decide this train really isn't moving, we climb off but the other train leaves too quickly for us again.

Tired of playing this game we decide to forget about that stationary train and just wait for the next one to arrive on the other side. Typically we have not had to wait more than a minute for a train, but this time it was at least a good five minutes--it felt much longer, but you know how those things can play tricks on you. Finally a train arrived and we piled on an took seats. It was around 6 p.m. or 6:30 p.m. so we were getting pretty worn out.

So, I'm sitting there in a daze when I hear my name, "Rita?" as a short hair blond girl leans over towards us. I blinked my eyes and my jaw dropped open. "Oh my gosh--Sara Sowder?!"

Yes, that is right. It was long time friend that not only goes back to Bellarmine--but tiny little Casey County as well, as she graduated with Nic--crossing my path there in London, England! Not only had we found the same tube line at the same time--but the same car! I had messaged her on facebook before my departure from the states to tell her I was coming to Europe since I knew she had been studying at Oxford, but I had also been informed that she was not currently at Oxford due to traveling throughout Europe before having to return to the States. She had never received my message and did not even know that I was in England.

So, you tell me, what are the odds that two girls from little old Casey County cross paths on the London Underground? Well, we sure beat those odds.

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