Thursday, May 17, 2007

From Town to Town

So today we got out of Brighton later than planned meaning we didn't have as much time in London as we'd hoped to before having to head on to Oxford. (No fear, we will have lots of London time on Saturday.) Even though the bus rides are kind of long--typically two hours--and it seems that we are "wasting time," I actually don't mind it. It's a chance to ride through the cities and see more than I would by walking--and let me tell you, I am constantly in awe. There are just too many beautiful buildings! I've always been infatuated by architecture of sorts, so seeing all of this just continues to amaze me. Riding to Oxford we passed so many open fields that were so incredibly green! With the rolling hills it was beautiful. That on top of the fields of sheep just reminded me that much more that we are indeed in England.

We did find enough time to make a quick trip to Hyde Park today, but once there we found out the Peter Pan statue is on the completely opposite side from where we were. So Peter will ju
st have to keep waiting for me--I will see him though!! What little we did see of the park--which included the Rose Garden--was beautiful and had the most amazing smell! I think I could have sat in therapy for hours. Then we made a quick walk to Buckingham Palace. Of course as soon as I saw the guards in their goofy hats being all serious, all I could think of was Little Ben following one of them around doing what he and "The Man Clan" call the "Kevin Nash" in attempt to mess the guy up. Let's be honest though...Who doesn't dream of being a complete fool next to one of those guys? Gosh, they must have so many great stories from the idiots they see.

Our trip to Oxford wasn't quite as long as predicted (after we finally figured out which corner to stand on in order to catch the Oxford Espress to get there.) While we did have to spend a decent amount of money on travel today, KK is saving us now that we're here. She fixed a large pasta dinner--I could finally eat until I was stuffed again! (Which all we'd had so far in the day was a tiny yogurt and some soup that was basically nothing more than broth.) And tomorrow it seems we won't have to worry much about food either as we're going to join her for lunch in her dining hall and then their "formal" dinner...which she describe as a "Harry Potter Dinner" of sorts... so I'm curious about that.

Beyond the food we plan to explore the city--we passed soooo many amazing buildings on our drive in so I'm anxious to see more! We're also going to watch KK row in the afternoon. Ah yes, and the other thing I am loving about our stay in Oxford...this room is so much warmer! I can finaly sleep in a tshirt again!


Joan said...

I am so glad you are enjoying seeing England. I was and continue o be just as fascinated as you are. Enjoy!!
Love, Aunt Joan

Joan said...

(this is not Aunt Joan)
Hi there, gril...
Soak it up like a sponge. Be prepared to elevate your visual standards. Europe has that effect on observant people. I like your pictures. Include a shot in your journal which has some nice "English" graphics-- like a poster, retail sign, or transportation symbols. If you find any cool stuff for a collage, I'm accepting donations!
Uncle John