Sunday, May 20, 2007

Loving London--And Neverland!

What a crazy long day in London!! KK decided to join Dani and I for our adventures around the city, which was quite nice. I felt like some poor street child most of the day though as my feet got more and more sore and my body became exhausted. We packed peanut butter crackers and granola bars to hold us through the day in order to avoid the costly dollar to pound transfer rate. But I'd walk past restaurants with their aroma pouring into the streets and I would just look inside and I saw the prices. All I could think about was Oliver. ("Please sir, Can I have some more?") I was very grateful for KK and her willingness to share snacks that saved me quite a bit of money.
We visited all around the city:

The British Museum: We only spent a short period of time here. Obviously a person easily spend a day but I didn't want to miss everything else. It just reminds me of what an endless wealth of history is out there about our world. It's hard to even consider actually.
St. Paul's Cathedral: Huge and beautiful. It was closed for going in by the time we got there. (Everything closes so early--even the coffee shops and so forth close by 6 p.m.!!) I'm quite jealous that KK got to go to Easter Vigil Mass here.
The London Tower: The old stone wall that surrounds it with the towers peaking up from the inside--amazing! I loved the old look to it! Unfortunately it too was close. We could also see the Tower Bridge from here, which was ten times cooler than the London Bridge--which is basically just another bridge.
Westminster Abbey & Parliament: This was also where we got to see our Big Ben! This area stretched on quite a ways with all the beautiful structures. Again, I couldn't go inside the abbey and even the church next to it was close, which was a disappiontment, but simply getting to see the outsides of these places is amazing to me.

I actually skipped the first place we visited it--because it was the most important: Hyde Park, the Peter Pan statue! We had a little difficulty finding him, but when we came around the corner to see it all I could think was, "Oh THERE you are Peter!" (Hook quote...I'm obsessed.) The best part about this experience was the little boy who came along just as we did. He was probably three years old and his dad let him begin climbing on the statue. He talked to the animals and to Peter and was having such a great time--the statue might as well have been his playground. How is it not suiting, though, that a little boy finds so much joy with "the boy who refused to grow up." His father/grandfather kept telling him they must go and the boy would say in his accent, "We can't go! He'll go away!!" When he was finally forced to depart Peter, the boy turned and waved and said, "Goodbye Peter Pan!" I smiled the entire time I stood there.


Joan said...

I tried the link to look at your pix for the rowing day, but it said I could not have access. WAAAAAHH!! I love your blog! And You!
Aunt Joan

Rachmo said...

Hey Pita,
packed peanut butter crackers, eh? I think i might know where you got those...ha ha

I love you girls and hope you comtinue to have a blast!! Of course I will have to hear all about it in more detail and see all your pictures when you get back.

Love, Rachel

PS. Met any NICE British/European guys??

RitaPeat said...

Haha...actually we DID NOT bring THOSE crackers--would have been very wise, though! KK was loaded up on them--b/c she knew they did not have them over here! You'll have to come take a break from the PT studies when I return so I can tell you all about it!!