Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Off and Running

We've arrived safe and sound! It was probably the most uncomfortable plane ride of my life--ah, who am I kidding? It was the most uncomfortable SEAT of my life!!! Eight hours sure dragged on for a long time! At least Dani and I stole the blankets from the plane though, so we've got those for this cold English weather! KK wrote me and said that it's been "warm," and by that she meant the 50' good! At least we can look forward to Italy.

Yesterday was spent running around and sort of figuring a lot of things out--we went to bed pretty exhausted due to the lack of sleep and the overwhelming feeling from it all! We had to get up to London to finalize our tickets to Brussels on Sunday--did not want to wait until the last minute on that one and be up a creek and miss out on the rest of our trip! Then we went straight on to Brighton where we are staying with Dani's friend from High School, Jyn. Today we're planning a day of exploring the city--Inlcuding the Royal Pavillion, this huge castle...I don't know the details on what it was for or anything (since we have not been yet) but from the outside it looks amazing. I've determined that simply walking and exploring will be able to entertain me alone. No towns or roads or buildings look anything similar to what we see back home. Even on our long rides on the buses from city to city I spotted no large department stores or stops loaded with fast food joints and gas stations.

Two other things I've learned: They don't feel the cold--Dani and I are constantly freezing and they don't seem to notice a thing. And also...why in the world didn't I bring my pretty green "Peter Pan" tights?? I've noticed the brightly colored tights under skirts to be the hot thing to do... I could have been so 'in.' Guess I should have googled "English fashion" before I packed...I guess they'll have to accept my jeans and BEllarmine track shirts.

I'm grabbing some breakfast and then we're off to adventure around the city. Jyn left us a very detailed map of the place (for until she gets off work). It's quite fun sitting in here though with three other girls as they carry on everyday girl chat with that cute little accent!!


Caitlan said...

So maybe I've become more like them and don't feel the cold as much. I just forget that it's May, and in Kentucky, warm in May doesn't mean mid-50s. I guess you just get used to it. Can't wait to see you! Enjoy London!

Joan said...

I'm excited for you to be at Brighton. When we were there we could only see the palace from the outside!
Love, Aunt Joan