Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Wedding on a Budget: 8 Days to Go!

Too much to do for pictures
You're lucky I'm even posting to the blog...
- Have my gifts and thank yous ready for my girls to give to them this weekend
- Have music on cds for Big Ben (hoping we see him this weekend)

Need to make several lists:

- Things I need Mom to talk to Father Pat about at church
- Signs we need to get made
- Thank you's I need to get taken care of

A few things I need to finish up soon and very soon:
- Laid out program
- Buy paper and print the programs
- send Anne-Tyler our responsorial psalm
- Lay out the music exactly as we want it for the ceremony
- Talk to Isetta about what we want her playing for the ceremony

Bachelorette fun tomorrow night!!!

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