Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Wedding on a Budget: 7 Days to Go!

The big kick-off to wedding week!!! The Bachelorette Party! Jo was the hostess with the mostest who planned the entire day and made it beyond spectacular! Talon winery was, well, cold on the tour, but tasting was a blast. Ten of us went and got to try 6 types a piece. The tour guide was pretty generous with his "tasting" size pours (probably too generous) so a lot of us got lucky (and a little buzzed!) Rachel bought some delicious wine cheese as well.
Then we had some unwind time at the house. Michael, such a good guy, let us girls take over his house on a Saturday and he just stayed out of the way! We relaxed, chatted, watched some football. Some girls didn't stay for the going out at night and a few more joined us that hadn't made it to the winery. Although I told Holly to tell them no gifts because they've done enough already, they showered me with fun, fun, fun honeymoon attire.
Rachel did a test run on my wedding makeup and it looked wonderful! Everyone dressed in purple and just looking at the group of girls made me smile! We made girly drinks (no beer for once!), shared jewelry and swapped clothing and accessories. Did hair and make up. Jammed to tunes and the longer the evening stretched on the more girlish squeals of "Wedding Weeeeeeeek!" were let out and "Woo-Hooing" was heard!
We headed out to Hugo's at about 10:15 p.m. where Holly had a reserved booth for us. It was perfect. We ran into some unexpected friends while at the bar. We laughed. We danced. I couldn't have asked for a better girls' night. I think what made it that much better is that none of us were single We were all in serious relationships so no one was concerned with men on any level. We were there for each and other and the fun we create.
Wedding week has begun!

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