Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Wedding on a Budget: 4 Days to Go!

It looks like there's gonna be a party in Knob End!
The tent crew came today and it is up! It's BIG but not too big for the field. Just about right actually. It's so exciting to see it there. It's really, real! I'm getting married. We'll have a big celebration with everyone we care about! They also left the chairs, dance floor and bar. I took my first peek at it at about 6:15 this evening and the sun going down at that time hits the field beautifully! Jon and I went back down in the evening to take a spin on the dance floor together. The moon is just over half full and it will be a more like three-quarters on Saturday. The stars are beautiful since it's so clear right now and with that moon out you can even see into the field in the moonlight. It's spectacular!

Programs are more or less laid out...Just a couple of things to finalize. I finalized the photography itinerary and reviewed with Jerusha. I also sent out the guys' itinerary. Rachel got down here tonight so I got to visit with her and Aunt Anne. Uncle John and Aunt Dana also made a visit so he could drop off one of the signs he is making for the reception. It looks fabulous!

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