Friday, January 25, 2013

A proud alum moment...

It seems to be on a fairly regular basis that I stop and think about how much I love (and MISS!) my alma matar Bellarmine University. 

I LOVE the Bellarmine Magazine that arrives in our mailbox on a quarterly basis. 
I LOVE following Knights Nation even though I no longer live in Louisville.
I LOVE following the communication department, the alumni association and the university on Facebook and fee like I'm still a part of it.
I LOVE talking to my family and friends who all "get" why BU is so great.
...and I  LOVE getting mail where I see the 2001 Newburg Road return address!

Regardless of what it looks like, I always check my Bellarmine mail. 

Recently, I've gotten some very exciting mail from them and the contents of the mailings are not only what's exciting to me. You see, the nerd in me gets excited about other things. As my career has focused more and more on marketing in the past couple of years, my marketing self is as excited about the awesomely, cool packaging my clever BU friends have been using to grab my attention. (Since they don't realize I pay attention simply by seeing the return address label!) 

Who wouldn't pay attention to a giant metallic silver package like this?!

 What's better is they didn't let me down! The contents lived up to the packaging! My lovely new BU Harry-Potter-esque scarf will, without a doubt, be put to good use. A girl can never get enough scarves!

I should also mention the sweet 'mix tape'...errr, CD, that I received just after Christmas. BU original recordings. While music wasn't my major and I've never played an instrument, I'm quite the lover of instrumental music (with movie/TV scores being my particular favorite)
So in addition to saying THANKS for the cool BU loot, I want to say kudos to those clever marketers! You're the kind of people we steal ideas from for our own marketing! :)

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