Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sports Talk: 2013 Super Bowl XLVII Predictions

As a correspondent sports writer for The Casey County News, I write an weekly editorial column for the publication. Published Jan. 30, 2013.
I won’t claim to be very knowledgeable about predicting the outcome on the big game on Sunday, but I will say I could have predicted the array of topics my Feedback For Rita Peat question would bring in.
We all know the hype of the Super Bowl has less to do with the two teams than it does the glitz and glamor (and $$$DOLLARS$$$) put into the media and entertainment that surrounds it.  It only makes sense that many, many of us tune in for the fun rather than the competition.
So what are area super bowl fans looking forward to this Sunday and what are the predictions?
Some look forward to the fun…
“Commercials!” –Lori Carmicle
“(I’m watching) because its the last time to watch football for months.” –Rachel Crabtree
“I don’t really care about the game so much, but I’m looking forward to seeing friends, watching the commercials and Destiny’s Child at halftime.”  Miranda Townsend
“I'll be wearing my black and gold and watching all the crazy fans in our streets for the weekend. Welcome to N'Awlins, Y'all.” –Kristi (Dixon) Hornsby
Then it seems the crowd/fan/reader favorite is the Ravens!
“The Ravens winning!!!!!!” – Sheri Heimbrock Ingram
“49ers win, +10. The Ravens have been just okay against the run the last few games, and that's the 49ers strength (and they have been on fire). The 49ers run defense is money, and the younger Ray Lewis (Patrick Willis) is gonna have a big game. I think (Joe) Flacco will get rushed and flustered a lot, causing a few interceptions to an above average secondary. Defense will prevail. The ‘Niners are younger and faster on both sides of the ball, and with their strong run game they won't have to rely on freshman Colin (Kaepernick) too much.” –Jash Jaso
“My thought is, if Kaepernick wants to play next season, he needs to run away from the area that Ray Lewis is standing in. I think this game is gonna be a good one. A lot of heart on both sides of the field and a lot of talent to go with it. Ray Lewis is a leader and can get his team going and the Ravens are going to do everything they can to send Ray home with a ring as payback for 17 years(?) of dedication. 49'ers have came a long way this year, and well, I really have nothing to say about them. I honestly forgot they had a team until this year.” – John Casey
“Ray Lewis will defeat the 49ers….it is his destiny!” – Nic Dixon
Predicting 49ers because QB has most tatts. Watching mostly for the ads.” – Hunt Helm
“I think the Ravens got it this year because they actually have a pretty decent offense and the defense is stepping up like always.” –Aaron Bertram
“I'm predicting the 49'ers in a big way. By 20, I bet.” – Eric Marr
“I can't wait to see Ray Lewis's last game and how emotional he will be. I also can't wait to see the sheer physicality that both teams play with. Should be a great game with the Ravens winning 27-21.” –Daniel Rigney
And easily my favorite response to the question was this:
“I think Doritos will take it again, despite a strong showing from Budweiser.“ – Scott Takacs
Have fun and be safe on Sunday!

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