Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Baby Growth: Weeks 34, 35, 36 & 37

And we've made it full term!

This is really the last 4-week update post I can guarantee, since at this point it's just a matter of when this little munchkin wants to make it's grand appearance. (I know they say your first rarely comes early, but you really never know!) I'm just excited that October is officially underway, as I absolutely LOVE this month. You'd almost think I planned to make this baby month, but I swear I didn't. It's the same birth month of three of my very best friends... It's our anniversary month... And I've always loved Halloween... Not to mention it's the best month for fall. Definitely glad it'll be the month of our first baby!

Comfort: It's not getting "better" but in some ways it is. Maybe I'm getting used to it? That's not to say I'm liking having to practically roll and rock (not as cool as rock-and-roll) to get from one sitting or lying position to another), but my pelvic soreness is getting better. Either my bones are starting to settle or the chiropractic adjustments are working. My belly officially feels like a table top and I can't help but rest my hand on it most of the time. Swelling is hit and miss. I took my wedding rings off shortly after my last post after being warned that it's not unknown for people to have had to cut their rings off when they get too tight. They are now safely on a chain around my neck. (But I do miss them...) My feet swell a little everyday but sometimes its more obvious than others. For whatever reason my left foot swells much larger than my right.

Sleep: I'm actually sleeping better. I wake up for more potty breaks through the night, but I fall back asleep much quicker than I did at the beginning of this 4-week stretch. The insomnia was getting tough and for a period it would regularly take me 45 minutes to get to sleep. Glad that has past and hope it stays away! I've noticed, though, my fatigue level overall is increasing, even if I do get good, decent sleep. If I happen to wake up earlier than normal, or am out during the day, I feel completely exhausted. I'm trying to do a better job of getting off my feet regularly during the day and not overdoing it. I'm also trying to actual elevate my feet more when I sit down to rest.

Labor Signs: My Grammo has insisted I no longer use the riding mower (or I may just vibrate the babe right out!) Luckily the green growth is slowing down. I notice the Braxton Hicks contractions on a daily basis along with some other slight menstrual cramping but it's not anything regular. The frequency in a day's time is increasing but in no real pattern. I still feel movement from the babe but according to an ultrasound I had at 37 weeks it is head down, so hopefully it's settled down there until the big day arrives. This may sound odd, but I am actually getting more confident about going through labor and delivery the closer we get rather than getting more nervous about it.

Classes: We attended the hospital's breastfeeding class and got to meet the lactation consultant. I had done my research and reading on a lot of what they taught but hearing it again, having Mingus also hear it, and learning a lot of the norms, benefits, tips, etc. was really, really good. I know it will help reinforce what I go through when the time comes. I'm so glad we went. We also went to the final birthing class for a second time. We initially decided to re-attend for a refresher on the breathing and relaxation portion, but we actually got a lot out of the first part, which was the session with one of the pediatricians. Fun Fact: I found out after the fact, this particular doctor was actually one that treated my brothers and I when we were kiddos! He  covered different stuff from the previous pediatrician (whom we also liked) and it made us all the more comfortable with our pediatrician options.

Other things to note: We have very little left that we still need. Our car seat is in the car and I've finally put our clothes, towels, sheets, etc, through the wash. I'm in the process of prepping our cloth diapers. (Several wash & dry rounds to increase absorbency.) The nursery is more or less done but I just need to tidy up from the laundry loads. I've sort of started a hospital bag, but it's kind of more in my head than actually all in a bag. (Does that even count??) I had an ultrasound at 37 weeks that wasn't initially planned, but it was simply to check my fluid levels since the external measurement of my uterus at 36 weeks seemed small. As the doctor expected, the levels were fine (she suspected it had more to do with my small frame) and all is good on the inside.

Fun Happenings: It's been a busy several weeks, including two showers. (I'm behind and haven't gotten to post about them yet, but I promise, it's coming!) We had a fun mini-photoshoot that was not expected or planned. I got to spend time with a lot of my girl friends over the past month, knowing I may not have the luxury to get out with the girls in the coming months. I also treated myself to a pedicure and a final haircut. Jo and I are going to get together one final time next week to bump bellies (we hope in our next meeting we will be able to share a drink!) I saw Michelle a couple of weeks for one last belly picture together. Becky and I even got to see each other and talk babies when she visited (her due date is almost exactly a month after mine). Also, I'm oh-so-grateful, STILL, for Valto lending her maternity that fall is upon us I'm able to dig back into her tub and find new fun stuff to wear!

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