Monday, September 19, 2011

My Wedding on a Budget: 19 Days to Go!

Today's checklist:

- Ben said we can get together tomorrow about music stuff. Hopefully we'll make some good progress.

- Went to see KK after work and she's gotten quite a bit done on the flower work. They are looking great and she should have it wrapped up by the bachelorette weekend.

- Called "Ecotage" Salon...and it's no longer Ecotage! Good news is J-Pat still works there. I haven't been to see him since DECEMBER. I know...kinda crazy to go that long without trimming up the loose ends. I had to get some length on it though! Jon proposed right around the time I would have schedule a fresh cut and after that I decided to let it grow. But I have an appointment for next Monday so I let Dani and Holly know so maybe they'll do a little shopping with me afterwards.

- Clay called Doo Wop today and it sounds like we're all safe for our sound equipment. We may just need to run more circuits over to the field than expected.

And last but not least... Tell me HOW cute is this ring bearer going to be?!

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