Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Wedding on a Budget: 27 Days to Go!

Grown up Stuff
Jon and I are Godparents! Well, before today, I was a Godmother and Jon was a Godfather but now we are Godparents together! Little Samuel Jonathan had his Baptism in Lexington today and Valerie and Brett had asked us to be his Godparents, which we definitely accepted. It was great to spend time with the two of them and the little guy, plus both of their families. So much grown up stuff happening these days!

However, it did mean for not much time at home. I didn't get to much wedding stuff. A quick trip down to Greystone and Mom had the chance to show off some of the rooms and space she's getting cleaned so that she has storage room. I made a trip up to Jerusha's new place (first and foremost to see it!) but also because she sampled some icing styles. She has more icing tips than I'd ever know what to do with, but she did a sample of each for me...which, we all know that's the last thing I need: more to decide among! I wrote down a few I liked so this week I can see what similar tips Michelle and Kara have and decide from there so that they can all be slightly similar.

I'm also leaning towards a new idea with the cake decoration. Going back to this idea of the brownish icings, I think I'll look for twine to use around the cake and then throw on some flowers for color. Some ideas I saw also incorporated burlap, which gave me the idea to use burlap around the bouquets with just a single purple ribbon. I am liking that idea more and more and I feel like it will be easier than wrapping a bunch of ribbon. We'll be buying burlap for the hay bales anyway.

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