Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Wedding on a Budget: 21 Days to Go!

Up bright and early! Mom and I ran into Karen's kitchen early this morning. She was off to cater another wedding but had let us know that she had purple flowers for this particular one and would have them in her fridge if we wanted to come take a peek. Why not? Most of those used are not the wild flower look I was going for, but the hydrangea were lovely. (Would be nice if those were still blooming at Paula Esterle's house so I could get Michelle to steal some for me like she did for the shower she held for me.

Speaking of flowers, though, Aunt Janet did find a GREAT deal on mums. Mom had asked her about a month ago to help her find lots of big mums she could buy (fairly cheap) to plant and put around the reception. Well, she sent some HUGE ones home with Uncle Jeff that she can get for just $4.50! They don't come in any deep, true purple colors but I've told Mom I'm not concerned with those flowers being "our colors". Mums are pretty in general and I love fall colors so I'll be happy just to see beautiful flowers around.

Mom made a trip to Lexington for a few tasks and met up with Rachel. They went to Sam's club and got some of the necessities there. I stayed home and made another batch of salsa. Not sure, but we may use this salsa to set out as a pre-dinner snack. We'll see how much we end up with.

My company has not been the most helpful this weekend, but they're entertaining so it's okay.

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